Low Testosterone and Men’s Health

Testosterone is not only «fuel» for man’s sexual life. Of course, low testosterone reduces sexual attraction, leads to erectile dysfunction and other problems in intimate life. It is an important regulator of many functions of the body, so testosterone deficiency affects health state in general. Testosterone and Causes of Decreased Libido Researchers have not yet studied in […]

Early Impotence at Young Age

Early Impotence in Men and its Treatment Early impotence or in other words erectile dysfunction at young age nowadays has become a common problem. It is even difficult enough to determine what kind of disorder is considered to be early, because a man ideally should keep potency at old age. The disorder is considered to […]

Low Testosterone Level and Your Health

Low testosterone level influences the general state of the male health. At the same time, they reveal the connection between the low testosterone level and certain diseases. Diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, obesity and high blood pressure are all associated with testosterone deficiency. The link between the low testosterone level and other diseases is of interest and […]