Corporate Overview

OncoMethylome is a molecular diagnostics company developing gene methylation tests for early detection of cancer and for personalized treatment decisions. The company is committed to providing treating physicians with novel, accurate, and informative diagnostic tools. We consider it to be important to prevent diseases timely and towardly. It is better to work out the system to undergo genetic screenings to know your predispositions to this or that disorder. Approximately half of all men and one third of all women develop cancer during their lifetime. Without exception, one of the best ways to survive cancer is to detect it early when it is still confined to the organ of origin and is therefore most effectively treatable. OncoMethylome is developing novel molecular tests for detecting cancer when it is still in early stages of growth. In addition, OncoMethylome’s personalized treatment products, which analyze the molecular make-up a patient’s tumor, are designed to provide the treating physician with additional information about the patient’s cancer, at the time of diagnosis, for use in selecting the most appropriate course of treatment. OncoMethylome was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Belgium, and has offices and laboratories in Belgium, in the Netherlands, and in Durham, NC, USA.