Commercial Partners

  LabCorp - LabCorp was granted an exclusive license on certain IP technology for performing commercial MGMT methylation laboratory testing services in the United States and Canada. LabCorp’s Esoterix Clinical Trials Services Division was also selected by OncoMethylome as one of its preferred sub-contractors of MGMT methylation testing services for clinical trials. LabCorp is also commercializing a testing service for prostate cancer which incorporates OncoMethylome’s methylation technology. [05/08; 03/08]
  Veridex LLC - OncoMethylome has a product development and licensing agreement with Veridex, a division of Johnson & Johnson Corp., for prostate cancer diagnostic assays. [12/06;01/05]
  Millipore - Millipore Corporation's BioScience Division has a non-exclusive license to distribute products that contain OncoMethylome technology for research applications
  EXACT Sciences - OncoMethylome agreed to sell reagents to EXACT and its commercial partners for use in stool-based CRC screening services in North America. The reagents detect methylation at certain DNA markers using MSP technology. EXACT granted OncoMethylome non-exclusive rights to its DNA stabilization, isolation and extraction technology, for commercializing stool-based CRC screening services in Europe. [06/07]

Pharmaceutical/Biotech Partners

Schering-Plough - OncoMethylome entered into a pharmacogenomics license and collaboration agreement with Schering-Plough to study MGMT gene methylation status in brain cancer patients and other solid tumors for prediction of patient response to temozolomide therapy. [10/06]

The Schering-Plough® name and S-P Logo® are federally registered trademarks of Schering Corporation, used with permission.

  Abbott - OncoMethylome entered into a pharmacogenomics service collaboration, which utilizes Abbott’s biological samples to profile tumors based on DNA methylation biomarkers. [12/07]
  GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals - OncoMethylome is collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals to develop DNA methylation biomarkers for use in the personalization of cancer treatment with certain immunotherapeutics in development.[11/07]
  Merck KGaA - Merck KGaA contracted OncoMethylome for MGMT methylation testing for its clinical trial program of cilengitide. Cilengitide is an integrin inhibitor being developed by Merck and is currently investigated in treatment of glioblastome, prostate cancer and melanoma. [6/08]

Other Partners

Signature Diagnostics - Signature Diagnostics is managing the German portion of OncoMethylome’s international validation trial for OncoMethylome’s blood test for colorectal cancer. In addition, OncoMethylome acquired a minority equity stake in Signature Diagnostics; and, obtained first negotiation rights to a test for predicting outcomes in colorectal cancer patients, which is in development by Signature Diagnostics.[01/08]