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November 6, 2008 Business update
March 12, 2009 Full year 2008 results
May 7, 2009 Business update
May 29, 2009 Annual shareholders' meeting
August 27, 2009 Half year 2009 results

Shareholders' Structure and Obligations

Each natural or legal person acquiring or transferring OncoMethylome’s shares, is required to notify OncoMethylome and the National Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) each time their shareholding crosses a threshold of three percent (3%) of the total number of outstanding shares (the denominator). Such notification is also required each time, as a result of an acquisition or transfer a threshold of five percent (5%) and a multiple of five percent (5%) is crossed. Complete information regarding this requirement is found in Article 14 of OncoMethylome’s articles of association.

The transparency notifications should be reported within 4 business days of crossing the threshold by following the procedures outlined on the CBFA.

A copy of the transparency notification should also be emailed and faxed to the company, to the attention of: Philip Devine, CFO, at [email protected] and fax +32 4 364 20 84

Information for Transparency Notices - as of 5 November 2008

Total statutory capital:
EUR 48,441,895.95
Total number of voting rights (one voting right per share) in OncoMethylome Sciences SA (denominator):
Potential future voting rights attached to shares represented by 241,434 currently outstanding warrants:

Annual Shareholders' Meeting

The annual general shareholders’ meeting is held at the registered office or at the place determined in the notice convening the shareholders’ meeting. The meeting is held every year on the last Friday of May at 10 a.m. The notice and agenda, as well as a model of power of attorney are made available here at least 25 days prior to the annual shareholders' meeting.

Analyst Coverage

ING Mark Clark
Kempen & Co Oscar Izeboud
Piper Jaffray Julie Simmonds

Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by these analysts are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of OncoMethylome Sciences or its management. Requests for copies of analyst reports should be directed at the respective analyst and institution.

Paying Agent

The financial service for the shares of the company is provided in Belgium by ING and Fortis Bank.  In the Netherlands, the financial service is provided by Fortis Bank. Shareholders should inform themselves about the costs that other financial intermediaries may charge in connection with paying agency services.