Scientific Advisors


Dr. Ponder is Head of the Department of Oncology at the University of Cambridge, UK.  He has been for 20 years a leader in both the molecular and clinical genetics of inherited susceptibility to cancer. He is currently responsible for the development of a major new cancer research centre at Cambridge, in which laboratory work will be brought to clinical application. Currently, Dr. Ponder is serving as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for OncoMethylome Sciences.

Stephen B. Baylin, M.D.

Dr. Baylin is the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor in Cancer Research, Associate Director for Laboratory Research at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Chief, Cancer Biology Division of the Department of Oncology and Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a leading researcher in cellular and molecular oncology and is the co-inventor of the concept of specific methylation detection by PCR. Dr. Baylin’s laboratory continues to focus on molecular determinants of tumor progression. We are prone to believe that it is very important to provide the onco patients with effective treatment. For this purpose it should be conducted a lot of different researches.

David Sidransky, M.D.

Dr. Sidransky is Professor in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Oncology, Pathology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Urology, Genetics, and Director Head and Neck Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Sidransky is Chairman of the Early Detection Research Network, a multidisciplinary consortium within the National Cancer Institute charged with the rapid development of promising biomarkers. Dr. Sidransky's laboratory is refining the quantitative MSP technique for improved prostate cancer diagnosis as well as further marker discovery for lung cancer, head and neck cancer, and other solid tumors.

James G. Herman, M.D.

Dr. Herman is Associate Professor of Oncology-Cancer Biology at the Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. His laboratory pioneered Methylation-Specific-PCR technology and continues to focus on epigenetic changes that pertain to development and progression of human cancers. Dr. Herman’s publications have significantly advanced the fields of epigenetics and its impact on human cancer.

Ate G.J. Van Der Zee, M.D, PH.D.

Dr. Van der Zee is Professor in Gynecologic Oncology and Head of the Department of Gynecology at the Groningen University Medical Center, the Netherlands. He is chairman of the Dutch Society of Gynecologic Oncology and council member of the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology. Dr. Van der Zee is well known for his translational research in gynecologic cancer. His research group has a long standing tradition in the evaluation of innovative diagnostic and prognostic markers in ovarian and cervical cancer and they recently published one of the first papers on the feasibility of detection of methylation markers in cervical scrapings.

Steven A. Belinsky, PH.D

Dr Belinsky is Director, Lung Cancer Program, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His methylation marker discoveries in the area of lung cancer diagnosis form the basis of our lung cancer assay development program. His laboratory continues to probe the utility of known and new markers in the early detection of lung cancer. Lung cancer is a deteriorating disease the treatment of which demand much time, money and energy.

Manel Esteller, M.D., PH.D

Dr. Esteller is the Director of the Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory at the Spanish National Cancer Center (CNIO) in Madrid, Spain. He is a leading researcher in the field of the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes by CpG island promoter hypermethylation. His laboratory studies how aberrant genomic DNA methylation and histone modification contributes to human cancer and their derived potential diagnostic and clinical interventions.

Adi F. Gazdar, M.D.

Dr. Gazdar is Deputy Head of the Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research and Professor of Pathology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas Texas. He holds the W. Ray Wallace Distinguished Chair in Molecular Pathology Research. He serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and as an editor for the International Journal of Cancer, Clinical Cancer Research and Cancer Research. Dr. Gazdar is especially interested in the role of methylation in tumor biology and in lung cancer. We provide our customers with different kind of researches where they may find necessary information for you about diseases and treatment.

Chris Meijer, M.D., PH.D.

Dr. Chris Meijer is Chairman and Director of the Department of Pathology at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Center, The Netherlands. His research interests are in the field of oncology and immunology and more specifically concern the relationship between viruses and cancer. He is on the board of several medical journals and has published more than 600 scientific articles, in international, well-respected journals. His challenge is to integrate basic and translational research into clinical practice.

Paul Cairns, PH.D.

Dr. Cairns is a Member with Tenure in the Departments of Surgical Oncology and Pathology, Division of Medical Sciences, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia. His laboratory has demonstrated the potential of tumor suppressor gene methylation-based early detection of genitourinary cancers in urine, and of breast and ovarian cancers in serum. Dr. Cairns’ group is also studying the gene methylation signatures in the initiation and progression of these cancers with the goal of ascertaining individualized prognosis and outcome predictions based on the epigentic profile of a patient’s cancer.