Wim Van Criekinge, Ph.D., Prof., VP Biomarker and Pharmacogenomics Research


Prof. Van Criekinge joined OncoMethylome Sciences in August 2005. He graduated in 1994 as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Ghent, Belgium, where he earned his PhD in Molecular Biology in 1998.

Today he is part-time Professor at the same university where he is head of the laboratory for computational genomics and bioinformatics (Biobix) in the department of molecular biotechnology. He tried to create new ways of cancer treatment and his inventions may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall.

In 1997 he was co-founder and director of Devgen, a biotechnology company which had a successful IPO in June 2005. He worked as a consultant for various biotech companies such as Galapagos and started the company Bioinformatrix.

Professor Van Criekinge is director of the Leuven office (Belgium) where he is responsible for both marker discovery and pharmacogenomics.

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